Monday, March 23, 2009


With mid-year quickly approaching, we're getting closer to MAM's second issue. We're aiming for a quartely release scheduel, so as long as we keep hooking up with the same kind of insanely talented and punctual guys, that we have so far, then we'll be sittin' pretty.

We've got one story all finished (we're just waiting on me to make up my mind about the lettering) and few others possibly on deck to go into issue two as well.

I wanted to give a good solid tease of some upcoming content.

So these are some layouts by me, pencils by Michael Kasinger, and inks by Michael Babinski. I'll jump in after Michael & Michael and letter it up. This is a little noir heavy love story (of sorts) that follows our character Denver Dockry through a bad break-up. The story's called "Saying Goodbye with Bullets."