Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Scotty and I will be attending this year's Phoenix Comic Con on May 27th-30th. We'll be way in back at table T129.

I'm really excited to see all the Arizona guys again and check out the awesome that is Phoenix Comic Con. We'll have a TON of great stuff with us: We'll have all four issues of Mysterious Adventure Magazine (two of which haven't been available yet) and an all ages off-shoot starring the Bulletproof Beetle, called Adventure Into The Mysterious- this is a Phoenix Con EXCLUSIVE! We'll have prints, some freebies, a giant poster raffle, and be sketching for a modest stipend.

Stop on by, say Hi, buy some stuff! Hope to see you out there!


Monday, May 10, 2010

MAM sallutes a LEGEND!

We lost Frank Frazetta today.

I'm sure he's okay with it, he's back with his wife (who was his whole world). He'd done it all- the only thing left would be to start painting with his feet...which he could probably do.

I will ALWAYS list Frank as one of my top influences (not that I have anything approaching his work or style even) but he ignited my imagination like no other. I would spend hours in the "quite room" at my library (when I was a kid) pawing through his art books. Copying, tracing, and just plain ogling his stuff to no end.

The bite of fantasy, folklore, and mythology that my stuff may have, comes from him and the material that his art inspired me to seek out.

I'll miss knowing that he's still out there.