Monday, March 16, 2009

EarlyBirdExclusive backcover

When were putting together the Spring issue of MAM, we (like all first time publishers) ran into our fair share of hiccups. A hiccup being a non-inflamitory way of saying a complete and utter disaster.

We rolled with the punches though.

One of those rolls was to give deals and little perks to our followers/fans and hopefully a little incentive to pick up our funny book. We had a low low introductory price and an exclusive backcover by the Savage Scott Godlewski. The backcover (that was swapped into a pinup once we added our intended backcover) was of theCLOAK. Who gets one of his adventures chronicled in the next issue of Mysterious Adventure Magazine.

For those of who didn't get that early version, here's a peak at it.

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Scott Godlewski said...

You put some nice colors on that. They deserve to be seen. Maybe I'll post the lines later.