Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I thought this was worth mentioning as long as we're talking about IndyPlanet. I don't know how many of you currently publish or are thinking of publishing your own comics, or even use Ka-Blam to do it, but if so, you may want to get in on this. Ka-Blam, an on-demand printer, also runs a site called IndyPlanet which will print and sell your on-demand comic orders online, issuing you the difference in printing price and cover price. And now, in light of Diamond's new solicitation requirements which make it tougher for the little guys (i.e. us) to penetrate the direct market, Ka-Blam is developing a direct market distribution operation called ComicsMonkey. So you now submit your order to Ka-Blam and request that it be added to their ComicMonkey listing, and now retailers can search their catalog for your title to put on their shelves. It's print on demand, so retailers don't have to order a set amount of books. It is an opportunity to get your stuff seen by everyone, at any comic shop in the country. So bug your local retailers and let them know about this.

And let them know they need to carry Mysterious Adventure.



mattcrap said...

now THAT'S good lookin' out, Scotty
I forgot about spreading the word more on that.

Scott Godlewski said...

I think this will be a good distribution method in the next couple of years.