Saturday, April 25, 2009

Things that go Ka-POW in the night!


The Cloak punches the crap outta this guy in the MAM Summer issue. So I spoiled that for you...a superhero vigilante guy punching a two-bit thug. So maybe that's not really a "spolier" as much as an expected plot device. But anyway.

I hope Scotty doesn't mind that I'm giving you guys a sneak peak at this panel. It's just one of many that you'll get to enjoy in the story entitled "Night Shift."


Friday, April 24, 2009

Summer Issue COVER is DONE!!

To mirror Scotty's blog entry:

"The great Matt Kaufenberg just sent us the new cover for Mysterious Adventure Magazine Summer 2009. Yeah, that guy's crazy good. I'm sure as we get closer to our release date there will be more preview goodness over on the Mysterious Adventure blog."
Speaking of "over on the Mysterious Adventure blog"...welcome! We will be posting more preview goodness. We've got so much freakin' awesome being packed into this issue, that we might be surpassing the Spring issue in the eye-candy category. It's hard as the dickens to not spoil every bit of art that we get as soon as we get it.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back Cover by RYAN CODY!

Rampaging Ryan Cody (from HurricaneKids & Villains and many others) was awesome enough to treat us to a little pen and ink action of the upcoming flip-cover for MAM Summer '09.

Scotty and Ryan recently hooked up on a super top-secret project. All we know of the project is a single mysterious image they've posted of a lone figure amongst a pile of bodies.

MAM Summer '09 is chuggin along. This thing is looking prettier and prettier with every image that comes in.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Mysterious Adventure Interview

The multi-talented Bill Cunningham was nice enough to interview Matt Bennett and myself about Mysterious Adventure Magazine in the inaugural edition of his new "Almost 20Q" feature on his blog. Be sure to take a look around his page - he's got a bunch of neat stuff. Thanks, Bill!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crap to God to McDaid

So when we were deciding what MAM would be, both Scotty and I were clear that we wanted to give you, the reader, the most bang for your buck...and what says bang for your buck like 12 different incentive covers . We figured, how 'bout a cover within a cover and this one wouldn't even have that pesky (albeit awesome) logo-text.

The our search began for the perfect guy to do the cover for us. I'd been hounding Danny McDaid to work with me for a couple years at that point and with his ever increasing workload it was looking less and less likely that we'd be able to work on a full project together. The fate smiled and dropped a whopper of a good idea in my lap. Scotty loved Dan's stuff too, so there was very little decisioning to be done at that point.
At the time, Scotty was blazing through "Ambush..." pages and I decided to do a rough design as a framework for Danny's cover. By rough, I mean horrid horrid crap. I told Scotty what I though would look cool and showed him my scribbles, he cleaned up the idea and gave it depth and drama.

So I sent my blathering about a character montage and our images across the pond to Danny and he eventually sent us back this inktastic wonder that adorns the Spring 2009 issue.