Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ComicBookCollector'sBlog REVIEW!

We had the pleasure of meeting Michael Hamersky and his wife at the Long Beach convention. He was very engaging and asked alot of questions about the book and our process. It was refreshing to have people ask us about the book and not just scour the table for something free.

Michael did up a great review for both issues- and when I say great, I mean honest. When we get "It's awesome!" or "I really liked it!" that's always great to hear, but when somebody gives and in-depth opinion of what they felt worked and what they felt didn't- it gives us a better barometer for making the book better. A good review validates some things that you thought too (but didn't change) or makes you acknowledge a gut feeling that you had yourself because you're seeing it on paper.

Check out the review at Comic Book Collector's Blog!

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