Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Denver's a bit sketchy

Denver Dockry that is! He's the lead character in "Saying Goodbye With Bullets," which appears in MAM's Summer issue. This is a prelim sketch Ben Perkins did for a pinup that will accompany the story by Kasinger and Babinski.

Expect more gritty streets and grizzled detectives in the demon-themed pulp story. Just the kind of thing that you've come to expect from Mysterious Adventure Magazine.

ALSO...our very own Scott Godlewski popped up over on MAJOR SPOILERS ! That's pretty cool.



Scott Godlewski said...

I did not know about that Major Spoilers post. That's flattering. In fact, that's where I saw your Doc Savage piece.

mattcrap said...

oh dude, i didn't even SEE that they had one of mine. That's funny- and really cool.